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Montana State Library

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Montana State Library meets the information needs of state agency employees, provides permanent public access to state publications, supports Montana libraries in delivering quality library content and services, works to strengthen Montana public libraries, and provides visually or physically handicapped Montanans access to library resources.

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Title: Montana (DPHHS) - STD/HIV - Treatment and prevention


Collection: MT.GOV Connect

Description: The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, HIV/AIDS surveillance, provides information about communicable disease surveillance, disease reporting, HIV/AIDS surveillance, Montana antibiotic resistance awareness, tuberculosis and programs, training, emergency preparedness and contacts.

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Subject:   Drug resistance in microorganisms - - Montana Communicable diseases - - Montana Communicable diseases transmission - - Montana,  HIV/AIDS awareness - - Montana ,  HIV/STD Education Program (Mont.) - - Montana Tuberculosis - - Montana

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