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John Gilmore

Archive-It Partner Since: Apr, 2007

Organization Type: Other Institutions

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John Gilmore is a private individual who cares about archiving the Internet for future generations. He is the first individual to join the Archive-It program, as a partner with the Internet Archive, to collect and index documents of interest. Mr. Gilmore also co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Free and Open Source Software

Archived since: Apr, 2007


A collection of free software and open source software. This includes the source code (instructions written by computer programmers) of thousands of computer programs that are part of various free software projects. These projects include the GNU Project to reimplement the Bell Labs UNIX system, the Linux kernel that reimplements the core operating program of a UNIX-like system, the Debian project which seeks to produce a fully free and consistent distribution (collection) of free software programs that work together well, the Ubuntu project which builds a commercially viable operating system based on the Debian project; the Fedore project which also builds a commercially viable computer operating system based on free software; and other projects.

Subject:   Society & Culture Universities & Libraries Computers & Technology Programming Free Software Open Source Software Software,  GNU Project ,  Linux Source Code

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