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Virginia Tech: Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network

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Virginia Tech, with funding from the US National Science Foundation through grant IIS-0916733, is leading an international consortia to build a human and computing network to collect, archive, organize, and provide ready access for scholars, professionals, and the public interested in supporting ongoing recovery of communities that have faced a crisis or tragedy. In scope are school shootings and all other types of man-made or natural disasters. We welcome involvement of those with relevant content or who are interested in developing collections, as well as those seeking or promoting deeper understanding of CTR.

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Philippines Floods (September 2011)

Archived since: Sep, 2011


Massive Flooding hit Philippine Capital on Tuesday as typhoon winds and rains isolated the historic old city where residents waded in waist-deep waters dodging tree branches and debris. At least seven people were killed

Subject:   Spontaneous Events,  Philippines ,  Floods

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