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NYC Public School 56 Q - The Harry Eichler School

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Now you can also look at Class 5-302A's funny videos made for a contest titled BrainyFlix. We were supposed to define SAT words and make a humorous video about the word. Vanessa & Latanya made a video for the word Intrepid and it rocked! Watch them now! Maria and Siva have a video for Pugnacious which is an editor's top pick. Want to know what rancid and abduct mean? We have videos for that. Raheel and Shalom made a video so we'll understand what juvenile means. Michaela is unique -- and so is her video and embellish your life with Gagandeep's definition (and video design). Don't know what canvas means? Anton and Aaron will show you. We all use an alias online but Isha has perfected with her video definition.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Computers & Technology Spontaneous Events Videos

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)