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NYC Public School 56 Q - The Harry Eichler School

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Organization Type: K-12 Program Schools

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Boy Games

Archived since: Mar, 2009


BOYS, BOYS, BOYS! Violence, car games, and way more. Are YOU READY TO ROCK!!? Some games include was simulations. You are a cdharacter in the war and get to choose your armor and defense. It's violent, but it's only virtual and it's all in fun. Nobody really gets hurt. Some games are sports and in arenas. You might get killed but only online and you get to have another life and play again. Most games have you start with three lives, and that's two more than the real thing. Don't try this at home!!

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Computers & Technology Society & Culture Gaming & Entertainment for Boys Guy Games!

Creepy Crawlers

Archived since: Mar, 2009


I chose this website because I am an entomologist and like to learn more about the newest bug around the world. On these sites you can learn about bug identification, you get to post new findings to share with the science community, and your posts can be answered in the form of a blog. It's a message board, blog, and information resource all in one series of sites.

Subject:   Science entymology bugs

Page 1 of 1 (2 Total Results)