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Title: Free Cuba Foundation


Collection: Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Description: In English. Free Cuba Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Miami that aims towards the establishment of an independent and democratic Cuba using non-violent means. Site contains background information, a news archive, videos, list of human rights violations and political prisoners in Cuba, and a lecture series by Thomas P. Ray.

Captured 14 times between Oct 29, 2009 and Jan 18, 2013

Videos: 2 Videos Captured

Subject:   civil and political rights--censorship civil and political rights--elections and electoral activities civil and political rights--political parties and movements laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--prisons and prisoners civil and political rights--freedom of speech economic, social, and cultural rights--economic and labor rights--economic policy laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--judicial reform economic, social, and cultural rights--social and cultural rights

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)