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Title: Centro para la Acción Legal en Derechos Humanos / Center for Legal Action on Human Rights


Collection: Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Description: In Spanish and K'iche'. All aspects of human rights promotion, focusing on providing legal aid and documenting the genocide perpetrated against the Mayan population of Guatemala during the 1980s. They are leading the most important collective effort to bring former dictators (one of them currently a senator) to trial before the Interamerican Human Rights Court. The security of their members is seriously compromised--the Guatemalan government and its military forces are not in favor of any kind of investigation into war crimes. Since 2004, year in which CALDH brough the cases against Rios Montt and García before the Interamerican Court, their offices have been subject to raids and their members have been kidnapped and received death threats.

Captured 13 times between Apr 29, 2009 and Jan 18, 2013

Subject:   armed conflict and persecution--genocide civil and political rights--discrimination, gender civil and political rights--children's rights laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--accountability laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--transitional jusice laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--courts and judicial systems--Inter-American Court of Human Rights armed conflict and persecution--discrimination, ethnic and racial

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)