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Title: Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies


Collection: Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Description: In English and Arabic. Contains project information, press releases, PDFs of publications, and a database of its library related to democracy and civil rights in Egypt and the Middle East. The Center is a non-governmental organization and its main objectives are the advancement of applied social sciences with special emphasis on Egypt and the Arab World. It is committed to the promotion of responsible dialogue, democracy, peace and development for all peoples in the region. The Egyptian government closed the center in 2000. Its founder, Saad Eddine Ibrahim, and 27 other members of staff were tried and imprisoned on trumped-up charges in 2002. The center re-opened in 2003 but founder remains abroad for fear of imprisonment upon return to Egypt.

Captured 9 times between Apr 29, 2009 and Apr 30, 2011

Subject:   advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--non-governmental organizations civil and political rights--discrimination, political civil and political rights--freedom of speech civil and political rights--freedom of assembly civil and political rights--democratization

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)