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Oklahoma Department of Libraries

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The Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL) is leading the way in providing Oklahoma's citizens comprehensive online access to the state's publications, websites, social media and other digitally preserved content.

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Firefighters Pension and Retirement System, Oklahoma

Archived since: Mar, 2011


The System was created as a state agency by the legislature in 1981. Currently there are 21,743 participating members in the System. Of those participating members, 4,009 are active paid firefighters, 7,800 are active volunteer firefighters, 3,867 are retired paid firefighters or their beneficiaries, 5,154 are retired volunteer firefighters or their beneficiaries, 28 are terminated vested paid firefighters, and 885 are terminated vested volunteer firefighters. The System receives its funding from employer and member contributions, a portion of the state insurance premium tax and returns on investments. The System is overseen by a 13 member Board of Trustees and provides pension benefits such as normal retirement, disability retirement, surviving spouse benefits and a death benefit.

Subject:   Government Government - US States

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)