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Mount Dora High School

Archive-It Partner Since: Oct, 2010

Organization Type: K-12 Program Schools

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Mount Dora High School has about 1300 students and is located 30 minutes north of Orlando. The quaint town of Mount Dora is always busy and bustling with its art shows and festivals. At Mount Dora High School we urge our students to bring out their creativity. Our collections showcase the intelligence and creativity of our students.

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2016 United States Presidental Candidates

Archived since: Mar, 2016


This collection is an archive of the 2016 Untied States Presidential Candidates including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and more.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  General Election Candidates

Political Memes

Archived since: Feb, 2017


In the wake of the recent political campaigns and election happenings, many people have resorted to the Internet to share with friends and family how they feel about the election, a common media being memes. Political memes often reveal a person's party status, or which candidate they are for.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Society & Culture Blogs & Social Media Political Memes

Politics 2012

Archived since: Jan, 2012


Information about the 2012 Presidental election, Local elections, and our world.

Subject:   Government - National,  Politics & Elections ,  Government

The Conspiracy Theories

Archived since: Feb, 2017


This is a collection of popular conspiracies surrounding the 2016 election and other popular topics. These give incite into how millennials put serious topics into different perspectives in an attempt to feel that they are creating their own ideas. It also shows how these ideas stretch to events that happened years in the past and how as we discover new facts and technology every day, we begin to question how accurate what we have been told really is.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Blogs & Social Media Society & Culture Popular Culture/Political Conspiracy Theories


Archived since: Feb, 2017


Overarching Significance- Exploration and travel is something that is extremely important to millennials. We live in an age where “wanderlust” (wanderlust is the desire to travel) is something highly fetishized amongst teenagers. We have developed a mindset where we would all like to be more independent and more open minded. Many adolescents hope to expand their knowledge of other cultures and broaden their understanding of human nature itself. What better way to do that than physically going out and seeing it in your world? As residents of Mount Dora, somewhere considered to be a “small town,” the need to see more of the world is prevalent. Living in such a small area, it is sometimes difficult to think about the vastness of world, and one can easily be overwhelmed by this. We hope to encourage others to embrace this, rather than fall into the confinement of the small town mindset. Afterall, Mount Dora is a tourist hub. We constantly hold festivals downtown, and people come from far and wide to experience the quaintness of the historic art area. This archive has the potential to be valuable to historians, as it explores the attitude of this generation, as well as where Americans can travel during this time. Are there still travel restrictions in certain destinations? Is it safe to travel to certain places? Furthermore, this archive provides educational articles, and can be used as a resource for those looking to travel in the near future.

Subject:   Society & Culture Arts & Humanities,  Politics & Elections

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