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Innsbruck Newspaper Archive / University of Innsbruck

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Title: der interimist


Collection: DILIMAG

Captured 8 times between Jul 01, 2011 and Dec 19, 2012

Subject:   österreichische Literatur Lyrik Hörspiel Multimedia Kurzprosa Fotografie,  Film ,  Musik

Title: Dieter Wunderlich: Buchtipps und Filmtipps


Collection: DILIMAG: restricted access

Captured 6 times between Sep 26, 2011 and Dec 23, 2012

Subject:   Buchrezension,  Film ,  internationale Belletristik Sachbuch Literaturverfilmung Nobelpreis

Title: : IKONEN : Magazin für Kunst, Kultur und Lebensart


Collection: DILIMAG: restricted access

Description: Online journal founded in 2001 by Marcus Stiglegger. The journal is devoted to film and cultural studies, but publishes also articles and reviews on literature, music, theatre, philosophy and mythology. Articles are published in German or English. The editor and most of the contributors are members of the University of Mainz.

Captured 7 times between Jun 17, 2011 and Dec 23, 2012

Videos: 25 Videos Captured

Subject:   Buchrezension,  Film ,  Filmwissenschaft Gothic Kulturwissenschaft Kulturanalyse Literatur und Film Musik Mythologie Philosophie Sadomasochismus Theaterkritik Undergroundkultur universitäres Projekt

Page 1 of 1 (15 Total Results)