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New York University

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New York University Collection of Contemporary Composers' Websites

Archived since: Oct, 2013


A curated collection of websites devoted to (and typically owned and operated by) individual contemporary composers. The primary curatorial goal is to preserve these historically important documents of the music and musicians of our time as a legacy to posterity. “Contemporary” we define as living or recently deceased. “Composers” we define as those who are working within, or are descending from, or are in some significant way connected to the Western traditions of concert music—composers who produce notated scores but inclusive also of those whose work embraces improvisation, collaborative composition, and other post-modern/post-classical creative practices. As there are many thousands of such composers active in the world today, we are emphasizing young, emerging Americans in the initial phases of this project.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities,  Composers ,  Contemporary Music Music

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)