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New York University

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All the Russias' blog

Archived since: Mar, 2014


Blog of NYU's Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia. Blog posts relating Russia to all aspects of scholarly investigation: from history to visual culture, literature to economics, anthropology to politics.

Subject:   Blogs & Social Media Politics & Elections,  Society & Culture

Edible Magazines (New York)

Archived since: Nov, 2013


Covers four editions of Edible Magazine (Manhattan, Brooklyn, New jersey, and Hudson Valley).

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Science & Health,  Society & Culture ,  Food Studies

Fales Library: Autonomedia

Archived since: Aug, 2015


Founded in 1984, Autonomedia is a North American publisher of radical theoretical works, especially in the anarchist tradition. Autonomedia publishes books on topics such as anarchism, Marxist works, cyberfeminism, drug literature, turn of the 21st century queer individualist anarchist novels, and other works. They are known for publishing the Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints, in which every day of the calendar recalls a deceased person of some significance to progressive movements or thought. They also maintain the Interactivist Info Exchange, an online forum for discourse and debate on themes relevant to the books that they publish.

Subject:   Government - US States Politics & Elections,  Society & Culture ,  Alternative mass media--United States Small presses--United States Artists--Political activity--United States Art--Political aspects--United States

Fales Library: Deep Dish TV

Archived since: Aug, 2015


Deep Dish TV was launched in 1986 by Paper Tiger TV as a distribution network, linking independent producers, programmers, community-based activists and viewers who support movements for social change and economic justice. The network has produced and distributed over 300 hours of television series that challenge the suppression of awareness, the corruption of language, and the perversion of logic that characterizes so much of corporate media. Deep Dish TV is committed to democratizing media by providing a national forum for programming created by community-based organizations and independent producers. Their programs are shown on over 200 public access cable stations around the country, on selected PBS stations, and received by thousands of satellite dish viewers nationwide on Free Speech TV channel 9415 on the DishNetwork and LinkTV on DirecTV.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities,  Society & Culture ,  Deep Dish TV Network Public-access television--United States

Fales Library: Fortnight Journal

Archived since: Mar, 2015


The Fortnight Journal is the online presence of Fortnight, an unprecedented online documentary of the millennial generation spanning the years from 2010-2012, during which time installments were published daily. Using the boundless qualities of the Internet, Fortnight featured innovators from disciplines as varied as art, science, technology, economics and policy to compose a digital portrait of the first generation - born roughly between 1978 and 1990- raised on and by the Internet.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Blogs & Social Media,  Society & Culture

Fales Library: New York Feminist Art Institute

Archived since: Aug, 2015


The New York Feminist Art Institute, founded 1979 by Alice Neel and others, works to create an environment for the training of women in the arts. The curriculum of the school involves the development of self awareness in a social and political context, and the development of a sense of group identity. The institute sponsors classes, workshops, and exhibits.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Government - US States,  Society & Culture ,  Feminism and art New York (State) New York Art Political aspects Political aspects-New York (State)

Fales Library: Paper Tiger Television

Archived since: Aug, 2015


Paper Tiger Television (PTTV), established in 1981, has been creating investigative and alternative media. The programs produced at PTTV inspire community productions and activism around the world. Its archive includes shows that provide critical analysis of media, educate about the communications industry and highlight issues that are absent from mainstream information sources. Through the production and distribution of public access series, media literacy/video production workshops, community screenings, videos on the website, and grassroots advocacy PTTV works to challenge and expose the corporate control of mainstream media. PTTV believes that increasing public awareness of the negative influence of mass media and involving people in the process of making media is mandatory for the long-term goal of information equity.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities,  Society & Culture ,  Paper Tiger Television Collective (Firm) Television--New York (State)--New York

Fales Library: The Fugs

Archived since: Aug, 2015


The Fugs, a group of poet-musicians, was founded in New York City’s East Village in early 1965 by Ed Sanders, Ken Weaver, and Tuli Kupferberg (1923-2010). The band is a folk rock group whose song lyrics were informed by an anti-authoritarian, anti-war, bohemian sensibility. They have performed and issued albums for the last 35 years. This website is the band’s official webpage.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Government - US States,  Society & Culture ,  Fugs (Musical group) Folk-rock music--New York (State) New York Protest songs Beat generation--New York (State)

Fales Library: Theater for the New City

Archived since: Aug, 2015


Theater for the New City, founded in 1971 and known familiarly as TNC, is one of New York City's leading Off-Off-Broadway theaters, known for radical political plays and community commitment. Productions at TNC have won 43 Obie Awards and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. TNC currently exists as a 4-theater complex in a 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) space located at 155 1st Avenue, in Manhattan's East Village.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities,  Society & Culture ,  Government - US States Theatrical companies New York (State) New York

Ferguson Grand Jury Documents

Archived since: Nov, 2014

No description.

Subject:   Society & Culture ,  Government

Food Regulations

Archived since: Aug, 2011


Food regulation laws in the United States and new York State.

Subject:   Government - US Federal Science & Health,  Society & Culture

Haitian-Dominican Relations

Archived since: Nov, 2015

No description.

Subject:   Blogs & Social Media,  Society & Culture

Peace Philosophy Centre

Archived since: Jul, 2014

No description.

Subject:   Blogs & Social Media,  Society & Culture ,  Politics & Elections

Sibirskie istoricheskie issledovaniia (Siberian historical research)

Archived since: Apr, 2015

No description.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities,  Society & Culture

Tamiment-Wagner: Communist Party, USA

Archived since: Jan, 2015


Contents of the newspaper, magazine, and website of the Communist Party, USA.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Politics & Elections,  Society & Culture

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