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Seattle Public Schools

Archive-It Partner Since: Dec, 2012

Organization Type: Public Libraries & Local Governments

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New Seattle Public Schools

Archived since: Jun, 2015

No description.

SPS Schools

Archived since: Aug, 2017

No description.

SPS Social Media

Archived since: Jul, 2017

No description.

Subject:   Blogs & Social Media

SPS YouTube

Archived since: Sep, 2017

No description.

School Board - Weekly

Archived since: Nov, 2016

No description.

Seattle Public School Sites

Archived since: Dec, 2012


School web sites, excludes student work sites

Subject:   Government Universities & Libraries Arts & Humanities Records Retention - Asset Management Facility Plans Program Placement School Closing Planning Environmental Conservation School Naming Capital Assets School District Administration School Boundary Records Research Program Reports, Studies, Surveys, Models, Analyses Committees Community Groups School Bulletins and Newspapers Descriptive Guides to School District Administration and Buildings Annual Reports Data Profiles/Scorecard District Calendar News Releases Brochures School Board Policy and Procedures Curriculum Procedures (textbook adoption policies) Citizens Advisory Committees Human Relations Policy and Procedures Technology Policy and Procedures Operations Policy and Procedures Safety and Security Enrollment, Attendance and Dicipline Student Assignment, rules, rights and Responsiblities Student Services - Heather, Food, Interscholatic and Transportation Risk Management Leagl Affairs Bond, Grant And Levy Project Reports Collective Baraining Contracts Forms and Publications Student Administration Curriculum Summaries and Guides School Master Schedule Student Records Special-Extra Education Services Early Childhood Learning-Head Start - Preschool Gifted Programs (APP, Sepctrum, ALO, AP IB) Bilingual Education

Page 1 of 1 (6 Total Results)