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North Carolina State Archives and State Library of North Carolina

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The mission of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History is to collect, preserve, and utilize the state's historic resources so that present and future residents may better understand their history. To this purpose the office safeguards the documentary and material evidence of past generations for the education of all citizens and the protection of their democratic rights.

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Title: North Carolina State Data Center - Census Information


Collection: North Carolina State Government Web Site Archive

Description: In 1979 the State Data Center was transferred to the Office of the Governor where it was placed under the Office of State Budget and Management. The State Data Center program had been founded during the previous year as the result of a pilot study by the U.S. Bureau of the Census to examine ways the use of data and technical assistance could benefit state governments. North Carolina was among the first states to join this cooperative endeavor. The General Assembly then expanded the duties of the Office of State Budget and Management to include preparing and/or releasing the official demographic and economic projections for the state; coordinating the efforts of federal, state, and local governmental agencies in the collection of data and the development and analysis of statistics pertinent to state budgeting; and developing cooperative arrangements with federal, state, and local agencies to facilitate the exchange of data to support state budgeting. They were also charged with encouraging the use of this information by the general public.In subsequent years the Office of State Budget and Management continued as the lead agency for data projects, working in cooperation primarily with the U.S. Bureau of the Census; the Institute for Research in Social Science (IRSS), located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and the State Library. The IRSS was to address the specialized requirements of the academic community; the Office of State Budget and Management to serve the needs of governments and the private sector; and the State Library to provide support to both of the latter groups.The North Carolina State Data Center (SDC) specializes in disseminating and assisting with interpretation of decennial census data. It adds value to census data products by displaying tables, graphics, and reports specific to North Carolina.

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