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Archive-It Partner Since: Feb, 2006

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Archived since: Dec, 2009



Allan Lomax recordings (after Folkways)

Archived since: Oct, 2014

No description.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities

Archived since: Nov, 2008


A collection to archive the website weekly (starting Nov 24, 2008).

Frank Lloyd Wrights Honeycombe House

Archived since: Mar, 2006


Research on Frank Lloyd Wright House built in the 1930's on the Stanford Campus

Subject:   Arts & Humanities

Georgia and Russia Conflict, August 2008

Archived since: Aug, 2008


This collection of websites chronicles the August 2008 conflict between Georgia and Russia over the disputed South Ossetia region. Websites for this collection were contributed by Internet Archive and the greater Archive-It partner community. Sites were submitted August 12 and 13 and the crawling started immediately in order to capture content regarding this unfolding event. Crawling took place between August 12 and September 6 (ranging between daily and weekly captures), archiving over 16 million urls.

Internet Archive appreciates the support and submissions from the greater web archiving community in order to quickly create spontaneous collection chronicling unfolding events . Past collaborations have led to the creation of collections regarding Hurricane Katrina, the Virginia Tech tragedy, and the 2007 California Wildfires.

Subject:   Spontaneous Events

Hurricane Katrina

Archived since: Sep, 2005


The Internet Archive and many individual contributors worked together to put together a comprehensive list of websites to create a historical record of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and the massive relief effort which followed. This collection has over 25 million unique pages, all text searchable, from over 1500 sites. The web archive commenced on September 4th.

Subject:   Spontaneous Events Natural disaster

San Francisco 1906 Quake

Archived since: Apr, 2006


On April 18, 1906 at 5:12am a massive earthquake shook San Francisco. The resulting destruction and fire left this great city in ruins. On this centennial, Internet Archive using Archive-It asked the community at large to archive websites commemorating this historic event. A total of 2,208,762 documents were archved from over 50 websites. The crawling took place between April 13 - 20 2006.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities


Archived since: Mar, 2014

No description.

University High School, Carmel, Indiana

Archived since: Jan, 2009


University High School is a small private school in Carmel, Indiana. Its a 1:1 laptop school with a mission to expand the hearts and minds of students. This collection was created during the students' site visit to the Internet Archive on January 19, 2009. for Vicki

Archived since: Apr, 2015

No description.

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