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Henry Waxman Papers

Archived since: Oct, 2014


The Honorable Henry A. Waxman represented Los Angeles in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1975 to 2014. Over his 40 year career, Rep. Waxman was a leader on health and environmental issues and fought for universal health insurance, comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid coverage, tobacco regulation, AIDS research and treatment, action on climate change, and strong air and water quality standards, among many other issues. Rep. Waxman served as the Chairman (2009-2010) and Ranking Member (2011-2014) of the House Energy and Commerce Committee; the Chairman (2007-2008) and Ranking Member (1997-2006) of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee; and the Chairman (1979-1994) and Ranking Member (1995-1996) of the Health and Environment Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Subject:   Government - US Federal,  Politics & Elections

Kurdish Referendum for Independence Collection

Archived since: Aug, 2017


A collection of news and social media from the lead-up to the Referendum for Independence from the Iraqi state held in the Kurdish region of Iraq on September 25, 2017. The collection captures the websites of news outlets in the Kurdish region of Iraq representing the various political parties and social media account of individuals prominent in discussions of the referendum.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Kurdistān (Iraq)--Politics and government--21st century Referendum--Iraq--Kurdistān

Occupy Web Archive

Archived since: Jun, 2015


Contains archived websites documenting local Occupy movements and events on the west coast of Canada and the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong.

Subject:   Spontaneous Events,  Politics & Elections ,  Blogs & Social Media Occupy movement Protest movements Occupy movement--Canada Protest movements--Canada Occupy movement--United States Protest movements--United States Occupy movement--Mexico Protest movements--Mexico Occupy movement--Brazil Protest movements--Brazil Occupy movement--Hong Kong Protest movements--Hong Kong

Russian Politics Web Archive

Archived since: Jun, 2015


Contains archived websites, blogs, editorials and other materials posted online by, or on behalf of, 17 Russian political and cultural figures who have expressed some opposition to foreign and domestic policy in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The archive also captures eight websites that chronicle a range of contemporary political and human rights positions and events that reflect the prevailing climate. The political and cultural figures whose websites and/or blogs have been captured include: Rustem Adagamov, widely-read Russian blogger; Sergei Aleksashenko, economist, businessman; Konstantin Borovoi, entrepreneur and opposition politician; Leonid Gozman, opposition politician; Il’ia Iashin, opposition politician, co-founder of Russian “Solidarity” party; Oleg Kashin, political journalist and author; Oleg Kozyrev, author, screenwriter, blogger and journalist, leader of youth movement “Democratic Alternative”; Andrei Makarevich, founder of classic rock group Mashina Vremeni [Time Machine]), who Russian state media condemned as a “traitor” for performing a charity concert for Ukrainian children displaced by the war; Andrei Mal’gin, journalist, literary scholar and critic, publisher, and political activist well known for his blogging; Aleksei Naval’nyi, Russian political and social activist, lawyer, and popular blogger; Boris Nemtsov, prominent Russian opposition leader gunned down in Moscow on February 27, 2015; Valeriia Novodvorskaia (d. July 2014), a political activist, dissident, human rights advocate, independent journalist, and founder of liberal political parties; Dmitrii Oreshkin, political scientist and activist; Sergei Parkhomenko, publisher, journalist, political observer; Irina Prokhorova, literary scholar, editor, television personality, opposition political figure; Artemii Troitskii, rock journalist, music critic who emigrated to Estonia in 2014 because of the worsening political climate; Nikolai Uskov, historian, journalist and publishing executive. This archive also includes captures of the following sites: Civil Platform, founded in 2012, with the aims of establishing civil society in Russia, upholding of the rights of the individual, and economic reform. Human Rights in Russia, a website dedicated to raising awareness of threats to human rights in Russia, funded by the MacArthur Foundation and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Nashi, a pro-Kremlin youth organization. Politkom.Ru, web platform of the Center for Political Technology, which purports to be an independent source of news and analysis and an open forum for exchange of opinions between politicians, analysts and journalists. Putin. Itogi publishes “independent, expert” reports on Putin’s leadership, among them reports written by Boris Nemtsov. Solidarnost’ is a “united democratic movement” founded in 2008 as a coalition of opposition organizations against authoritarianism. Bolotnaya Square Case is a website devoted to documenting the consequences for dozens of protesters after their participation in an opposition rally in Moscow in May of 2012. is a website that singles out political and cultural figures for their expression of disagreement with Russian incursions into Ukraine.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Blogs & Social Media Society & Culture

UC Walk Out 2009 Web Archive

Archived since: Jun, 2015


Contains archived websites from the 2009 University of California Walk Out. In September 2009, the University of California Regents prepared to vote on tuition hikes proposed by UC President Mark Yudof in response to severe cuts in state funding for the University of California system. The proposed tuition increase was met with widespread dissatisfaction and even outrage across the ten campuses, resulting in an organized walk out by students, faculty, and staff on September 24, 2009. This archive captured eleven blogs and other social networking sites that came into being in the lead up to and aftermath of the walk out.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries,  Politics & Elections ,  Spontaneous Events Demonstrations University of California

UCLA Online Campaign Literature Web Archive

Archived since: Jun, 2015


Contains archived candidate websites from elections for local, state, and federal offices affecting the Los Angeles area. Contains archived ballot measure websites from California state and local Los Angeles area elections. Content covers 1998-2004 and 2011-2017. Websites captured from 1998-2011 elections are archived and accessible at (websites in this collection are steadily being migrated into Archive-It).

Subject:   Politics & Elections

UK European Union Membership Referendum

Archived since: May, 2016


The UK European Union Membership Referendum, also know as the Brexit referendum, was a non-binding referendum that took place on Thursday 23 June 2016 in the United Kingdom to gauge support for the country's continued membership in the European Union. The referendum resulted in an overall vote to leave the European Union by 51.9%, with 17,410,742 votes to Leave and 16,141,241 to Remain. The UK European Union Membership Referendum Web Archive collected the most important Remain and Leave campaign websites, from environmental and academic grassroots organizations to trade unions and business groups. Also included were the main official websites about the referendum by the United Kingdom government. The web archive was created under the auspices of Katalin Radics by Dvorah Lewis and Oliver Mattheussens of the Collections, Research and Instructional Services (CRIS) department of the UCLA Library.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Government Society & Culture European Union--Membership. Referendum. United Kingdom.

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