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Harvard University Archives

Archive-It Partner Since: Mar, 2015

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The Harvard University Archives is the oldest and one of the largest institutional academic archives in the nation.

The Harvard University Archives collects, organizes, preserves and provides access to a comprehensive record of more than 375 years of life at Harvard. From 17th and 18th century diaries and scientific observations to 21st century web sites, the Harvard University Archives’ collections comprise over 51,000 feet and 3 terabytes of University records and related historical materials.

This activity is tied integrally to records management services for Harvard University staff, administrators and faculty. Records management staff provide guidance and resources for all stages in the records and information lifecycle, from creating records through destruction of non-permanent records or transfer of permanent records to the Harvard University Archives.

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A-Sites: Archived Harvard Websites

Archived since: Mar, 2015


The Harvard University Archives is charged with collecting and preserving the historical records of the University. Much of the information collected for centuries in paper form now resides on University websites. Beginning in February 2007, we began the first phase of our effort to collect this information by harvesting websites from degree-granting departments and committees of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The University Archives now harvests websites from across the University, anywhere from monthly to annually. The list of sites collected continues to grow, providing a fuller picture of the Harvard webspace.

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H-Sites: Harvard Life and Learning

Archived since: Mar, 2015


As part of its mission to document Harvard University, the Harvard University Archives has collected across several centuries thousands of personal archives of individuals and records of organizations affiliated with the University, including faculty, students, and clubs. Many of these materials are now created on web sites. The purpose of H-Sites: Harvard Life and Learning is to collect and make accessible this web-based material. As it grows, the H-Sites collection will document the intellectual and social interests of a segment of the community of people who live, work, and learn at Harvard: primarily faculty and students, but also, occasionally, visiting scholars and staff. Their lives both inside and outside of classrooms and offices are an integral part of Harvard's culture and history.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries

Page 1 of 1 (2 Total Results)