Duracloud announces new Archive-It integration feature

February 19th, 2014


Today we are excited to share a press release from DuraCloud, a digital preservation service from the DuraSpace organization.

After an initial pilot period, they are now offering a new feature to preserve Archive-It data for subscribers to DuraCloud. In addition to Archive-It’s existing storage and access offerings, DuraCloud is another option for off-site preservation that includes the ability to back up content in the cloud, access automatic content health checks and health reports, and is directly integrated with Amazon Glacier as an additional option for very low-cost storage.
For more information, please check out their press release here.

Archive-It partners can sign up for the service and contact the DuraCloud team through the DuraCloud web site (duracloud.org/archive-it), which includes more information and pricing.

There is a special introductory offer for Archive-It partners who subscribe to DuraCloud by March 31, 2013: the content transfer fee will be waived.