Educational Partnerships Update: Class of Spring 2015

January 26th, 2015


Spring semester is in the air. For students, the new semester brings with it the excitement of a new batch of classes, new professors, new textbooks and assignments, and, best of all, new possibilities for preserving the web!

Since 2010, Archive-It has partnered with graduate school programs, primarily in Library and Information Science, Archives, and Preservation, to support the use of Archive-It in the classroom to provide students with hands-on experience with key library/archives skills such as appraisal, acquisition, metadata, digital collection management, and (obviously) web archiving. We have partnered with programs such as University of Michigan School of Information, UNC at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science, University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences, and more. Classes include Digital Preservation, Introduction to Archives, and (you guessed it) Web Archiving. You can find the full list of Educational Partnership schools, classes, student collections,  syllabi, and other resources on the program’s wiki page.




Examples from this past semester include  a student group in NYU’s MIAP program working with “The  University Observer,” the student newspaper of the University College, Dublin, to preserve the paper’s web presence as part of the Digital Preservation class. Another student group, at San Jose State University, School of Information, created a collection preserving site documenting Berlin Wall graffiti art for their Digital Curation class.

We will be partnering with a number of programs in the Spring 2015 semester and look forward to highlighting their collections here later in the year.

For more information on Educational Partnerships, or if you are interested in using Archive-It in your graduate or undergraduate class, please visit the program’s webpage, it’s wiki site, or contact us (