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Tamiment-Wagner: Economic and Social Justice

Collected by: New York University

Archived since: Oct, 2015


The Tamiment Library Economic and Social Justice Web Collection, first began by Tamiment in 2010, contains webpages of organizations and other entities concerned with issues related to economic and social justice from a left and/or progressive perspective. These entities focus on issues ranging from corporate accountability, immigrant rights, unemployment, homelessness, urban justice, healthcare reform, wealth redistribution, and other issues. In addition, there is a huge focus in this collection on the Occupy Wall Street Movement, established in September 2011. Occupy Wall Street is a social movement, started in New York City, that works to reform both the private and public sector. The websites in the collection focus on different aspects and working groups of the movement. On the public page, these websites are tagged “Occupy Wall Street.” They make up their own series in this finding aid. These websites contain a huge variety of media, which include YouTube videos, pdfs, blog postings (including Tumblr and Wordpress blogs), petitions, news feeds, audio, and other media. These websites often act to document and update upon the organizations’ activities, schedule upcoming events, build awareness of their cause, or other media. Most websites are captured quarterly, but during periods of rapid update, the website are captured weekly or monthly. The web collection documents the publicly available content of the web page, it does not archive material that is password protected or blocked due to robot txt exclusions. Although attempts are made to completely archive the entirety of a website, linked pages are often not captured as can be pages within the host URL.

There is no public content available for this Collection yet. Please check back soon!