About Archive-It

Since 2006, Internet Archive’s Archive-it has provided web archiving services to over 800 organizations in over 24 countries, including libraries, cultural memory and research institutions, social impact and community groups, and educational and open knowledge initiatives. Archive-it users have preserved over 40 billion born-digital, web-published records, totaling petabytes of data. 

Archive-It provides tools, training, and technical support for capturing and preserving dynamic web materials, as well as a platform for partners to share their collections, with multiple search, discovery, and access capabilities. Material archived via Archive-It is stored in not-for-profit data centers independently owned and operated by the Internet Archive, and is available for users to download themselves for additional preservation and sharing. Together, Archive-It users and the Internet Archive are furthering the shared ethos of ensuring perpetual access to diverse, cultural, and historically-relevant digital collections from around the world. 

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About the Internet Archive

Since its inception as a non-profit digital library in 1996, Internet Archive has focused on ensuring the availability and accessibility of human knowledge by creating a digital library to permanently store digital content from all over the world, for anyone to view at any time. The Internet Archive is the world’s largest public web archive, and all collections are freely and publicly accessible at www.archive.org

To learn more about our mission, please visit http://archive.org/about