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University of Michigan Library

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The University of Michigan Library's mission is to support, enhance, and collaborate in the instructional, research, and service activities of the faculty, students, and staff, and contribute to the common good by collecting, organizing, preserving, communicating, and sharing the record of human knowledge. The materials in the University of Michigan Library Web Archives reflect our mission as we seek to preserve online resources in specific topical areas.

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Belarusian Art

Archived since: Feb, 2022


The Belarusian Art web collection archives online resources associated with contemporary (post-1991) protest art of Belarus. The collection aims to preserve the context around this art for future researchers through the archiving of gallery websites and bibliographies.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Society & Culture

Diversity in Children's Literature

Archived since: Mar, 2017


Both the Hatcher Graduate Library and the Special Collections Library have significant children’s literature collections. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of diversity in children’s literature among authors, publishers, librarians, and readers. Therefore, a web archive focused on Diversity in Children’s Literature will complement current collection strengths across the Library and will serve future researchers by documenting an important movement in the field of children’s literature. The centrality of social media to the movement, and as a site for ongoing conversations, makes web-archiving a particularly appropriate mechanism for documenting the diversity in children’s literature “discussion.” We hope that, as much as possible, the scope of the archive focuses on the authentic voices of content creators. Formats collected will include social media accounts, blogs, organizational websites, selected publishers’ websites, selected awards websites and other digital content.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Blogs & Social Media Society & Culture

Elections in Africa

Archived since: Feb, 2020


This collection captures online activities associated with electioneering in Africa. Web accounts associated with elections in Africa provide a rich platform for capturing events as they occur in their regions. The various sources ranging from professional journalism to freelance authorship and from partisan political parties to activism make the medium a rich resource. Nonetheless, much of Web activities emerge in the periods preceding elections and fizzle out or disappear altogether after elections. This archive attempts to maintain a record of these momentous activities across a continent that is undergoing extraordinary changes nearly a century after the wave of independence swept across the nations. Since the dawn of independence in the middle of the twentieth century, African countries have gone through varying degrees of democratic freedom ranging from single-party rules to military takeovers, rapid successions, and failed states. This archive is dedicated to capturing these events as they unfold.

Subject:   Politics & Elections

Interactive Fiction in Queer Digital Culture

Archived since: Mar, 2017


New digital platforms and tools for creative expression have transformed the landscape in experimental fiction and led to the emergence of a queer interactive fiction scene that pushes against mainstream commercial literary and gaming culture. LGBTQ writers are using tools that democratize development (because they require few programming skills) to create interactive fictions that take up questions of race, class, LGBTQ identity, mental and physical health, and a host of other issues. Because these works of interactive fiction are independently produced and often made freely available online, there are few mechanisms for preservation, and significant examples can disappear from defunct personal websites. We are collecting websites by individual authors/creators, examples of interactive fiction, and other publicly contextual available information about this form of queer digital culture.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Computers & Technology Society & Culture

Romance Fiction

Archived since: Dec, 2019


Romance fiction represents a significant portion of the publishing industry, and the online community of readers and authors is extremely active, but the works themselves are not widely collected by academic libraries. This web archive includes review sites, blogs, Twitter hashtags, and other web content focused on romance fiction and the online communities that have developed around it.

State Policies on Book Challenges in Schools and Libraries

Archived since: Sep, 2023


The State Policies on Book Challenges in Schools and Libraries Collection examines the often “lost” or “hidden” documentation behind book challenges and bans in schools and libraries. The collection pulls policies from most of the states and has a special focus on collecting both policies and contextual sources from the state of Michigan. While collected materials may touch on other institutions such as commercial entities, universities and colleges, and cultural institutions such as museums, the majority of the materials concern public schools and libraries. Collected materials consist of proposed bills; past legislation referred to in challenges; school board meeting minutes; school or district-level policies; press releases; and other related documentation. Many of the materials archived here are publicly available but where necessary, we have collected materials that are essential to the narrative around book bannings and challenges, such as Ron DeSantis’ press releases or news articles concerning book challenges and bans in the state of Michigan. This collection is in conjunction with the Diversity in Children’s Literature collection.

Subject:   Government - US States Government Politics & Elections Government Policies Libraries Education

Water Politics in Michigan

Archived since: Sep, 2017


The state of Michigan has seen numerous crises and controversies surrounding the protection of its lakes and rivers as well as the responsibility to provide safe, clean water to residents. The Flint water crisis; the price increases and subsequent water shut-offs in Detroit; and the reaction of local communities to the Enbridge Mackinac pipeline have sparked debates about racism, environmental justice and water as a basic human right. This collection attempts to capture the dialogue about access to clean water taking place on websites and social media between government officials and community organizations.

Subject:   Government Politics & Elections Science & Health

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