Whitefish Middle School

Whitefish Middle School was completely rebuilt in 2007 at the same location its been for 100 years. We serve grades 5 through 8 with a total of 540 students. We live at the base of Big Mountain and Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort. We are only 25 minutes from Glacier National Park and we get to pick wild huckleberries each August. (They taste like a raspberry crossed with a blueberry.) It is common to see whitetail deer in our backyards, even in town. One of the best spots is Whitefish Lake where families ice-fish, boat, or just hang out at City Beach.

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Montana Indian Tribes, Modern Life

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Montana Indian Nations

This website is important to the Montana Indians collection because it describes what each Montana Indian tribe is doing now. There are seven Indian reservations in Montana, and each one is unique. This website showcases the current customs of each reservation and where it is located.

Do you remember how we did things back when your great great grandma or grandpa? We had moved Native Americans from their homelands, so we could have more and more land for ourselves.

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  • http://cobalt.rocky.edu/~CARE/
    This website has a variety of activities that will help educate American Indian community members about toxic exposures. This website also tells you how to reduce toxic exposures. You can also look at all of the partners that helped with this. You can sign up for the upcoming events that it tells you on the website.
  • http://galesites.com/apps/billings/
    In Montana there are many Native American tribes. Native Americans have a very interesting culture. All tribes have different cultures. You can type in a Native American tribe and a 'definition' and web sites about the tribe pop up. It is very helpful for research about Native Americans.
  • http://indianlaw.mt.gov/salishkootenai/fishandwildlife/default.mcpx
    This website informs everyone about the Indian Reservations, Federal Prosecution in Indian Country, Gambling, and many more. It also talks about the treaties with Indians, how they enforce laws with Indians, and the Indians Water Rights.
  • http://life.umt.edu/aiss/nativeamericancenter/facts.php
    I really like the way the website is layed out. It has a couple videos you could watch that explain what the Native American Center is. This website is very informative.
  • http://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/tribes/blackfeet//blackfeetindiantribe.htm
    All around the world people are finding more information about Indian tribes such as Piegan, Cree, Pawnee, Blackfeet, and more. I think more people should learn about these tribes and Archive-it.org lets people learn about one of the coolest tribes there is, the Blackfeet. This program will let more people know about this tribe and others. I recommend this website to people who are interested in learning more about the Indian tribes.
  • http://www.blackfeetnation.com/
    This web page is, first of all very cool looking and attractive. It gives accurate information about the Blackfoot Nation. In the middle of the page there is also a segment of a speech by the Blackfoot representative. On the left-hand side there are links to the history, an art gallery, culture, and visitor information. I think it would be very good for future generations to be able to look at pictures of art and culture of the Blackfeet Nation. All in all it is a very cool web site.
  • http://www.bps.k12.mt.us/15622082513528460/site/default.asp
    This website announces much needed information about a Blackfeet Learning Academy. This site introduces the school and what its achievements and goals are. It also tells a little about what you’ll be learning as you enter the school and the objectives you will have learning about the Blackfeet Indians in Montana.
  • http://www.browningmontana.com/
    This is a clickable description of the recreation and museum and camping things Browning has to offer. Browning is surrounded by sights to see. Glacier National Park is only 13 miles away, and along with that the Rocky Mountains surround it. Browning is a great place to be when your looking for some fun.
  • http://www.glacier.national-park.com/
    Glacier National Park is such an important place in Montana. So many people go there every year. It is so amazing and beautiful. There has not been a year when I have not been there. Although GNP is very beautiful you need to make sure you research the wildlife and trails ill the park. Some of the wildlife are mountain goats, grizzly/black bear, and many different insects. A few of the trails are Going to the Sun Road, Sun Rift Gorge, and Trail of the Cedars. It is a very exciting place to go.
  • http://www.indians.org/articles/crow-indians.html
    This website gives a good example for the Crow Indians because it talks about what language they spoke and if they still speak that language today. Also, it talks about what the Crow Indians would do in the 18th and 19th century. How they built there teepees and how they would get food. Overall, I think it is a good site.
  • http://www.montanatribes.org/
    This is a useful website because it has a color-coated map that shows were the tribes were located and where they hunted. It provides information about the Assiniboine, Blackfeet, Chippewa, Cree, Crow, Gros Ventres, Kootenai, Little Shell, Northern Cheyenne, Pend D’ Oreille, Salish, and Sioux tribes. This website also has digital archives that talk about many topics from tribal perspectives. It also has learning activities like games and lesson plans. I think that this website, montanatribes.org, is useful in our collection because it has interactive games to bring the tribal history closer to home. It also has digital information on many different tribes written by members of those tribes. This site would be essential to anyone researching tribal history.
  • http://www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/native/bla.html
    The Blackfeet Indian were partners with Canadian British merchants, they traded guns, ammunition, alcohol, and beaver pellets. This site also talks about how they dominated their Nez Perce and Shoshone rivals, and other threats to their tribe. For example, they said that the American plans represented a direct threat to the Blackfeet Indians, they also tried to steal the expedition’s guns, but some of the Indians got shot and didn’t make it out alive. This site has some great examples of the Blackfeet history and I have learned more by reading this article.
  • http://www.rockyboy.org/
    This website is important to the Montana Indians collection because it describes one of the most cultural Indian tribes in Montana. There are seven reservations in Montana, and the Rocky Boy reservation is right in the hearty center of the state. Although the reservation is the smallest in area, it is one of the best reservations in Montana. The tribes on this reservation are the Chippewa and the Cree. From casinos, to pow wows, to great leadership ability, the Rocky Boy Reservation is surely the coolest of all.
  • http://www.visitmt.com/Places_To_Go/indian_nations/
    This website is important to the Montana Indians collection because it describes what each Montana Indian tribe is doing now. There are seven Indian reservations in Montana, and each one is unique. This website showcases the current customs of each reservation and where it is located. The geographical features of each location like National Parks and historical monuments are listed on the website. Because of the current events and colossal lists of facts, this website is perfect for our collection.

Montana recreation activites

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Northwest Montana Fair

The Northwest Montana Fair website explains about the carnival, rodeos and other events that happen throughout the year at the fairgrounds. It also shows the fair book. Inside the fair book are dates, visiting bands, singers, types of market sales, show classes, and many more different types of events.

These are links to things we love about living in Montana. From skiing to Yellowstone Park top hiking around Glacier National Park. There is so many things that Montana has to offer. Like travaling to the rockys or to the east side of montana. We have so much to offer.

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  • http://glaciernordicclub.com/youth-and-masters-programs/
    There are many people in Montana who enjoy going cross country skiing. It is an entertaining and fun activity for people of all ages to do. The Glacier Nordic Club has numerous programs for children of all ages to do. You can even have private lessons and do relay races with other kids of the same ability. If you have never gone cross country skiing before and really want to learn how, they have a program for you. If you are a more experienced cross country skier who just wants to ski and have fun there is definitely a program for you. This is an excellent website for if you want to learn to cross county ski, or if you want to get better.
  • http://mtdinotrail.org/
    The Montana dino trails are extremely important. You may think “ya, it is just a couple of bones,” but it is not just that it is our history millions of years back before the Blackfeet and other native tribes even started to appear . I think it would be a fun place to go visit to learn more about where you live. Just think you could spend a day hiking thought the beautiful Montana wilderness and learn about the time before humans. This website shows and talks about different dinosaur museums in Montana. It also shows and tells the dinosaurs found and their names. It talks about the dinosaur fossils and the dinosaur’s history. Many of the descriptions of the museums and dinosaurs also have a phone number, web address, e-mail, open times, etc, within the page.
  • http://sweetpickinspumpkinpatch.com/Faq.aspx
    The Sweet Pickin's Pumpkin Patch is very fun in the month of October. This pumpkin patch allows you to pick the best pumpkin you want for Halloween. It also has a lot of different activities that you can do like going through a maze, meeting farm animals, and racing with pedal carts. Not only does it sell pumpkins, but it also sells Kettle Corn at the local Farmer's Markets.
  • http://virtualmontana.com/
    Http://www.virtualmontana.com\ is a great thing to have under the activity column mostly because it shows some of the activities that you could come and do if you needed assistance finding stuff to do. The link would also assist finding a hotel nearest you. This link I actually used when we first moved up here and it was a big help.
  • http://www.alpinetheaterproject.org/
    The alpine theater project is important because it allows people from the flathead valley to participate in plays and other theater performances. On this website you can buy tickets for upcoming performances and see what upcoming performances there are. You can even see what performances there were in the past. Without the Alpine Theater Project we wouldn't have great shows to participate in and watch.
  • http://www.americantowns.com/mt/kalispell
    This is a very informational website. It shows pictures of Kalispell, fun things to do, the latest news, even times of City Council Meetings and what they are about. It also shows where to go shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, and community events. From the Fair to Target, it informs people while showing them how creative and cool the Flathead Valley really is. To find out what people think about activities, you can read blogs and tweets about how people feel about the certain subject. This is a very cool website to learn more about Montana.
  • http://www.bigskywp.com/homepage.asp
    The website for Big Sky Water Park is helpful to kids in the flathead valley because it shows information about the Water Park. Such as, when it opens, how much it is to get in, how much for a season pass, and much more. The Big Sky Water Park is a great place to hang out on a sunny afternoon in the summer with your family and friends. You can also play mini golf, have a water balloon fight, or use the bumper cars for just a small extra fee. I can’t wait to go back to Big Sky Water Park next summer.
  • http://www.campinginmontana.org/camping-in-montana/wonderful-things-to-do-in-montana/
    This website is full of great information and gives awesome descriptions of things you can do while camping while you are in the wonderful state of Montana. It is not just about camping but it also about biking, bird watching, fishing, and also hiking. This website would be great for someone who is going to visit Montana sometime during the summer.
  • http://www.ci.helena.mt.us/
    This site explaims the interesting things to do in Montana's capitol Helena. For example, you can visit the capitol, the goverment buildings,restraunts, and hotels and cabins for sleeping.
  • http://www.familydaysoutusa.com/Attraction/Zoo_Montana/695
    The zoo in Billings is an inexpensive thing to do as a Montana kid or adult. When you visit you can expect to see more animals in cooler climates such as wolverines, big horn sheep, red pandas, Amur tigers, and grizzly bear. The zoo sits on a 500 mile radius and has a zoo and aquarium. The zoo is an educational thing to do for kids in Billings.
  • http://www.flatheadlacrosse.com/Flathead_Lacrosse_Club/Home.html
    The web address, http:/ /www.flatheadlacrosse.com/Flathead Lacrosse Club/Home.html. is the website for the Flathead Lacrosse team. I did the team last year and it was the most fun I've almost ever had. We train hard and play hard. This website tells you how to sign up, the schedule, pictures of it, and even how to play lacrosse. It is a great website if you're looking to play some great lacrosse.
  • http://www.flatheadsoccer.com/index.html
    I like the seed www.flatheadsoccer.com it is cool. It shows all about a world-class soccer camp. This web page shows about this camp, when it is and how much it costs. It also tells background stories on all the coaches like one guy played in the world cup. This is a really awesome website. If you are looking for info on a really good soccer camp go to this website. A soccer camp in flathead and it is run by a man called Mike Stebbins. There are about nine coaches. The soccer camp is really fun I would know because I did it for three years. What they do is practice for six days for what age group you are in they have twelve and under, 13-14, and 15 and up. They have a keeper camp and field practice. On the seventh day of the week you get put on teams and make a name. They spread out all age groups so it’s more even and you have a giant tournament. The winners of the tournament get to play the coaches. Which only one team for the whole time the camp has been going has defeated the coaches. Then you do the same thing the second week of camp.
  • http://www.glacier.national-park.com/
    Glacier National Park is a very important part of Montana. It shows that true nature hasn't been destroyed by man, and it also shows us the beauty of the wilderness. Showing us wildlife such as bear, beavers, and beautiful plants as well. If Glacier National Park wasn't apart of Montana, we wouldn't be as recognized as we are today.
  • http://www.glacierguides.com/
    This website explains some of the rafting companies in the state of Montana including one of the close ones to us "Glacier Raft Co." This site also gives information on hiking, camping, and lodging.
  • http://www.ilovebigsky.com/
    This website is a wonderful addition to our collection. I 1ovebigsky.com tells about Montana, its culture, and its people. This website has links to all the artists here, the restaurants, and many of the organizations. This also gives information to the tourists by telling them the events that go on in the town and links to locals for help.
  • http://www.montanakids.com/
    It is a very easy to get to and interesting looking website. You can choose many different tabs that tell about many varieties of activities for kids to do in Montana. You can also look at facts, sightseeing, stories, business and agriculture, even plants and animals! Many pictures are included on this page, and it is very straight forward and to the point! I think kids would enjoy looking at this website!
  • http://www.northvalleymusicschool.org/
    If you are interested in learning to play a new instrument, then come to North Valley Music School! Located in Whitefish, North Valley Music School is the only community music school in Montana. With over 700 students and 14 faculty members, it is a very fun and encouraging learning environment for kids, and adults. There are also summer camps, workshops, and early childhood music. The building is close to downtown Whitefish and near schools. You can learn to sing, or play violin, viola, piano, mandolin, guitar, and many others. Music is a very important recreational activity in Montana, and North Valley Music School has provided many students with the ability to play.
  • http://www.nps.gov/state/mt/index.htm
    This site tells about Montana’s historical and national parks. It shows parks, battle fields, and historic ranches and trails. It has a map that shows you where the places are located in Montana. It also gives a description of what the site represents.
  • http://www.nwmtfair.com/
    The Northwest Montana Fair website explains about the carnival, rodeos and other events that happen throughout the year at the fairgrounds. It also shows the fair book. Inside the fair book are dates, visiting bands, singers, types of market sales, show classes, and many more different types of events. The Northwest Montana Fairgrounds are a great place for many different types of activities that happen year round.
  • http://www.pinandcue.net/
    The Pin and Cue is a fun place to bring your family and just have a fun time if you don’t know what to do. For an example you can bowl in the bowling lanes while your dad or your mom goes and gets food ready in the restaurant. After bowling you can go into the backroom and play some games for just a few quarters.
  • http://www.raftingamerica.com/interior.php?page=montana
    Most people in Montana have an outdoor activity that they love. A lot of people in Montana love rafting; on this website it explains Montana Rafting. On this website it talks about the two most popular white water rafting areas, The Clark Fork River and the Flathead River in Glacier National Park. In a lot of states rafting is not an option this website will show what us “Montanans” do for fun.
  • http://www.skiwhitefish.com/
    This website is great because it gives you information on all topics included on the mountain. They help you plan your trip, give you dates and times for events, and include photos of the ski resort. They update the site regularly and give you trial maps, information on real estate not to mention the information they give you on Glacier National Park. The people that have a season pass are able to track how much vertical they have. If you plan on coming n the summer the website gives you the dates and activities for the summer and update on what they are adding to the mountain. It also includes information on snowshoeing and snowmobiling on the mountain. This website is important to have because it shows the Whitefish Ski Resort and gives you ideas of things to do there and other mountain statistics. Not only does the website help teach you about the resort but it can help with trips and lodging on the mountain. Different tabs on the web page bring you to more helpful things than the last. You can even blog or chat with other people on this website, I think this is a very important website to be used.
  • http://www.stumptowniceden.com/
    The Stumptown Ice Den is a popular hangout spot for kids around Whitefish. They provide Public Skate times when all ages can come to skate with friends or family, and socialize. They host popular events such as On-Ice-Fashion-Shows, Hockey Tournaments and games, and figure skating competitions, and sometimes curling. They have programs for all ages to teach them how to skate, or play hockey. You can also join Figure Skating Club, House League (home teams-no traveling), Squirts, Peewee, Bantam, or High School hockey teams.
  • http://www.visitmt.com/places_to_go/
    The website shows literally everything you can do in Montana and shows many great attractions in the state. It also shows regions of Montana and the two major national parks: Yellowstone and Glacier.This website is important to the Montana Indians collection because it describes what each Montana Indian tribe is doing now. There are seven Indian reservations in Montana, and each one is unique. This website showcases the current customs of each reservation and where it is located. The geographical features of each location like National Parks and historical monuments are listed on the website. Because of the current events and colossal lists of facts, this website is perfect for our collection.
  • http://www.whitefishmt.com/
    This website is pretty good, but they haven’t updated it since 2008. They tell all the facts about Whitefish like things to do in the area, how many vertical feet we have, the average temperature, and the average snowfall a year (which is 300 inches). They have real estate links on their website so if people wanted to move here they could just click on the link. They have links to different websites like the Whitefish Mountain Resort website and the snow report. It has pictures of around the area on how people live and what people do. I think it’s a pretty good website.
  • http://www.whitefishtheatreco.org/education.htm
    The Whitefish Theatre Company Young Actors Program is a great thing for many kids to do. This website helps parents and kids to find out what is going around the Theatre. It shows upcoming classes, prices, and information about the classes. The Young Actors program also gives a chance to those kids who can’t get up on stage and express their emotions. Whitefish Theatre Company is a place of the arts. People are taught singing to dancing to acting or all three at once. WTC is a resource that can help kids build character and social lives. I should know because I act and am taught the arts at this company. I’m not the most active child but through acting I can relax and fit in.
  • http://www.whitefishwave.com/
    The Wave, used by almost the whole community of Whitefish. The website shows their schedules and when they have activities and events. The wave has trainers, yoga classes, Racquet ball, swimming pool, a waterslide, weight room, treadmills, a full Gym, and much much more. They have great packages for family memberships and single memberships. When you take the membership you get access to everything from the Gym to the swimming pool. The Wave, the aquatic capital of the Flathead County.
  • http://attractions.uptake.com/montana/family.html
    There are many different family activities to do here in Montana, some of which are described in this link. Also on this website are places to stay, places to eat, and places to enjoy time together as a family. It contains all of the information on the topics listed in it that you will need. If you are planning a trip to Montana anytime soon, this would be the ideal website for your family vacation.

Are trains still important?

Featured Link

1880 Train

On this website about trains you can buy tickets, look at the trains history, and lots more. You can find alot of info with just this one site.

With the Burlington Northern Railroad employing many people in our community, we wonder how important trains are based on the history of all of Montana. The main reason we have trains is to support our state. We send a lot of supplies to get most of our money so we can stay mostly out of dept. We have stayed mostly out of dept for a long time and if we didn't have the railway we would be in dept more and more every day. And that is why the railway is important.

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  • http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/gmdhtml/rrhtml/rrintro.html
    This website is very helpful because you can see the history of the train, how it got better, and there are maps of where the train has traveled.
  • http://www.1880train.com/history.html
    On this website about trains you can buy tickets, look at the trains history,and lots more. There are atleast thirteen pages. So you can find alot of info with just this one site.
  • http://www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/articles/Summer03/maglev2.html
    This site is about how we can take the technology that we have now and turn it into a better way to travel. It is faster and way better for the environment.
  • http://www.american-rails.com/
    American-Rails.com clearly describes that trains have actually become obsolete; though it believes that we should still make an attempt to preserve the railroads for it serves historical examples of the past. Not does it describe it's standpoint in words, but it also describes it in a small documentary accessible from the site. All major and minor forms of trains are also described thoroughly with the history of many of the major train tycoons. If its trains you interested, go to American-Rails.com.
  • http://www.belowthecapital.org/
    This website gives us information about the history of the D.C. Metro System,Streetcars,The U.S Capitol Subway and Heavy Rail. It also gives a few paragraphs of useful information which tells us how the method of tramsportation works, how big it is and how big the area around it is. This website has hyperlinks that lead to maps.
  • http://www.bnsf.com/
    This web site is about the people who built BNSF, were and continue to be a unique train system, thinking of dreamers with the pragmatism of results-oriented business leaders. This heritage played a central role in settling and growing the American West, and today, BNSF continues to have a significant impact in meeting the needs of shippers and serving the economy.
  • http://www.eurocheapo.com/train/
    This website says that transportation using trains gives you a journey emotionally and geographically. It also states that because of trains being so romantic we do not want to stop traveling on them.
  • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-biden/why-america-needs-trains_b_412393.html
    Through this page I have learned that our vise president,Joe Biden,has many reasons for riding on the rails like how a community of deticated professionals share the milestones of his life and have helped him share the milestones of his, and riding the Amtrack train was the only way he could have ever even became a senetor. and amtrack train is the only way he can
  • http://www.jobmonkey.com/railroadjobs/purpose-importance.html
    The website is saying that trains move cargo in many different countries like India. Trains are also great for touring the country that you live in. People also like to sit or hang on top of a train. Railroads have stayed the same design. Railroads and trains have been very useful for people in differnent countries even ours.
  • http://www.laughtergenealogy.com/bin/histprof/misc/railroads.html
    This article on trains go through a thorough history of not only Westward Expantion in the U.S. that involved trains, but also throughout Europe. It even talks about how there were some trains built in Europe as early as the 1500's. It's stance on whether or not trains are important is that they are. They are because in some ways they benefit greatly to the economy.
  • http://www.montanacharlierussellchewchoo.com/
    Trains are importent because they show us the land and the world. It is a slow way to travel but you see lot of fun and interesting things to do. This train take you to cool and fun and amazing places. You start you junny in kinston.
  • http://www.montanakids.com/history_and_prehistory/transportation/railroad.htm
    This website gives us information on all the history of trains. By 1910 railroads were being made accross the Virginia City and Salt Lake City. After the Civil War railroad builders turned their attention to the far west.
  • http://www.montanarailroadhistory.info/
    I think that this site fits the train catagory because there is alot of info from other people like what they think about trains. Also if you want to you can share soome facts about trains on this website.
  • http://www.mta.info/mnr/
    I really like the way the website was laid out. It had a good amount of information, so that made it really easy to read. It was very easy to use and it seemed like it was a safe website.
  • http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/streamliners/timeline/
    This is an easy and reliable website that describes the railroads from when they first opend up to the 1980s. This website even shows and discribes a diesl electric train and even the elements of steel. This website also has biograghys about famous people in the train world like Edward and Ralph Budd. This website also gives you the amount of people that come and ride the train each year. and that is the discription of this website
  • http://www.railroads-of-montana.com/
    This website explains all the railroads through Montana. This includes,Kettle Falls, Washington Branch,Marias Pass, Montana from Whitefish to Browning including Great Northern, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe. This site also talks about a historians journey on trains throughout Montana.
  • http://www.sdrm.org/history/timeline/
    Wow! There is a timeline showing what has happened sence 1630. What history! this site gives you a lot of imformation about the famouse people that have rode that train. it also gives you a lot of info about when the train first started to travel till know
  • http://www.thetrain.com/
    This website gives you some information about a great train in the Grand Canyon Railway. This train will take you to to the Grand Canyon and has four different classes. They have a Polar Express Train for kids and they have hotel reservations. You can reserve a ticket to go on the train online.
  • http://www.urbanrail.net/am/nyrk/new-york.htm
    This web sight is about the railroads in New York. It also shows pictures of the subway in New York City. This train will take you all over the city. It also shows the paths the train takes.
  • http://www.usa-by-rail.com/
    When reading this site it sounds like it has a lot of customers and it has very little people don't use the train becouse it takes you to marvoulus places that can't be seen by any other way. This train goes to most big citys like disney land, Niagra falls, Ney York City and the Grand Canyon this train meets the meens in meeting the shippers and the economey.